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Maria Visitacion (Mavis) Otero Taguba, 23, a native of Philippines, is assigned to serve as a full time missionary in the Idaho Twin Falls Mission. She is expected to serve for the period of 18 months. She reports to the Provo Missionary Training Center on August 19, 2014 and is expected to be released in February 2016.

When her elder brother, April, died after he was born, MaVis became the eldest child of Roger Taguba and Fe Otero. She has two younger siblings named Reynato, who is currently serving as a full time missionary in the Cagayan de Oro Mission, Philippines, and Mary Anne, who is in first year college studying BS Accounting and is also preparing to study at Brigham Young University Hawaii hopefully in 2015. They are both 21 and 17 years old respectively.

MaVis graduated with honors from Brigham Young University Hawaii in December 2012. She majored in BA English and minored in International Cultural Studies - Communications. She had an internship as a Multimedia Specialist at BYUH Newscenter in the following year. She came back home in December 2013 and applied for her mission.

She loves reading novels and scriptures, cooking, traveling, dancing, swimming, hiking, and lots of adventures. She likes listening to good music and likes singing but is shy to sing in front of a crowd by herself. What she enjoys the most are talking and having fun with her family. She is a people-person and loves kids and elderly people. She loves melted ice cream and many fruits (sometimes dipped in vinegar and salt). She likes hugging cute puppies and feeding kittens and ducks.

She likes a guy who is loyal, fun to be with, good-looking inside out, has a job (or who is hardworking and is patiently looking for a job..haha), intelligent, knows how to cook, and a guy who is a returned missionary and is faithful/active member of the LDS Church. Most especially, she likes a guy who loves God and honors his parents. She dreams to be married in the Salt Lake City Temple someday. haha

Her favorite scriptures are found in Alma 32:21 and John 3:16. She loves Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ so much. She is very thankful for the many blessings she has received in life. She believes in the power of the Atonement and very grateful for it. She believes that blessings will come as we follow the covenants we have made with our Heavenly Father and as we faithfully obey His commandments.

Her dream job is to be a writer in the LDS Deseret News/Liahona and be a correspondent journalist. Deep inside though, if financially stable, she just wants to be the best wife to the right man she will marry and be a lovely mother of beautiful and wonderful kids in the future. :)

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