Friday, January 2, 2015

Hohoho,"most beautiful time of the year" is almost here

Holy Cow! It's almost Christmas! I'm excited to decorate a lil Christmas tree I have with my companion.. haha... How are y'all folks doing?

I had a great week! We spent Thanksgiving day with some members in one of the wards we are serving in. I enjoyed it a lot. Amiah's finally baptized last Wednesday, on Thanksgiving eve!! (picture attached). A lot of people came. It was so wonderful to see all her families there (though most of them are inactive) supporting her for a very special day. 

We went to Amiah's house on Thanksgiving and entertained her mom and grandma by dancing a Tahitian dance (picture attached). I showed some videos on youtube where I danced Filipino, Hawaiian, Cook Island and Tongan's traditional dances at BYUH's culture night 2014 and 2011 and my companion showed them some videos of her dancing Samoan, Tahitian and Tongan at her school in California. They were sooo entertained and they loved it that they asked us to dance for them. I was wearing a long but not a flowy skirt so it was hard for me to shake. It was fun! Then the mom taught us how to dance salsa. Ohhh my companion and I were soo in love with it! I missed BYUH and my friends there while watching the videos and it made me really sad but I was still happy to share my talents with some members in our ward.

The transitions in the mission are still kinda tough for me. And last week, I felt like I was not working hard. Sometimes I miss my family or my friends, just my old world. Early this morning, a family member took us to Starbucks. I told my companion I was having a headache but we could still go with them. We had a nice little chat and suddenly the mom broke down and told us how she's very grateful for having us in the ward. She said she's been struggling to help her family come back to church. She's active but her entire family is not. She said that it's a blessing to have us and that she's happy because we are staying. I sat there just listening to her stories and I thought, I was really selfish because all I've been thinking for the past couple weeks was myself: how I can survive every day, how I can teach well, how I can make myself busy for me not think about my family, my friends,my old life, wishing that time will fly by faster, etc. I sat there thinking that this family needs the gospel in their lives and that this woman needs me (us) to help her family to experience Christ's love and light again. My whole aura changed after listening to her. She opened my eyes and my mind of my sacred calling as a representative of Jesus Christ. I sat there embarassed of myself. This woman saw my abilities as a missionary and treated me as part of her family. She asked us if we could do FHE with them tonight and we said yes with a big smile. I love this family so much. I love how the Lord helps me realized of my purpose, of why I put my papers in the first place and of why I was sent to this specific area. Slowly but surely, I can see why I am here. I am grateful for the eye opener the Lord has sent me. I know that I'm here in the mission not only to survive but to thrive. 

Also last week, I've been reading the gospel of Matthew and I love it so much! I love how Jesus taught the people with parables and I admire His kindness and compassion even to those who hated and persecuted Him. I love how perfect Jesus is. With the Christmas season approaching, I want you to visit and watch the video "He is the Gift." It's a short clip to remind us of God's love for his children by sending His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to suffer for our pains and afflictions. Jesus Christ is the first gift. He is Christmas.  

Thank you so much for all your emails and letters! I enjoyed reading them! Love y'all! Happy Holidays!

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