Friday, January 2, 2015

8 Dec 2014 Lovin' my mission more

I had a wonderful week last week. We didn't meet a lot of people, like how we planned to, but we were able to do FHEs with some less active families and were able to get referrals from some members we had dinner with. I love how some members took to us to some expensive restaurants for dinners and I love how some of them made their secret recipes just for us missionaries. 

Yesterday, I got a chance to bear my testimony during the 1st and 15th ward's sacrament meeting. I also enjoyed listening to others' testimonies. One of the things you learn here in the field is to open your mouth. I don't like talking especially in front of the crowd but I love how the Spirit directs and guides me every time I share the gospel or my testimony to others. 

What I really enjoyed yesterday was bearing my testimony to all the residents who attended the sacrament meeting at Bridge view (nursing home). It was a very meaningful Sabbath day for me. It broke my heart to see the residents' conditions but I was uplifted at the same time when I see how faithful they are despite their circumstances. Some of them aren't LDS so we talked to them about the gospel. They were adorable and were receptive to the Spirit.

Two things that I learned from last week were being humble by relying upon the Lord in all things and to love others by openly communicating with them. I committed myself to always pray to Heavenly Father with a grateful heart and acknowledge the goodness and mercy of the Savior each day. Doing that, I felt closer to the Lord and felt the presence of the Spirit in all our appointments.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve here in Twin Falls. It's hard not to think about my family sometimes, especially yesterday I just heard from some members that recently, another typhoon hit the Philippines again. I was at Bridge view when they told me about it and was very worried. Then I came home and the family we are staying with showed me an update of the typhoon, Ruby/Hagupit. Found out that it didn't hit my area but I still felt bad for those who got affected. I know the Lord is always there to bless my family just like how He blesses me on my mission. 

Please pray for the Philippines. I think the typhoon is heading to Vietnam so please pray for it as well. 

How are you doing? Did you get to watch the Christmas devotional last night? It was beautiful! We watched it with a member family. I enjoyed all the messages especially Sister Oscarson's talk. I like her story of miraculous dime, emphasizing that the greatest Christmas gift we can share is love. 

I am grateful for Christ's infinite atonement. I know that we are all precious children of our Heavenly Father and that we are all part of His plan of happiness. I am grateful for the temple and very blessed to be living a block away from temple here. I am excited to be in the temple tomorrow! We get to go in every 3 months so I'm very excited for tomorrow. Hope you all are doing great! Advanced happy graduation day to all my friends who are graduating from BYU Hawaii this semester. I'm so proud of you!!!!

Love you all!

Sister Taguba

Funny moments: 
1. Sister Pohahau: Sister Taguba you got a mail!!!!! 
Me: Oh yeah?? From who? (Excited)
Sister P: From you friend... in Virginia?
Me: Cool!!!!!....Wait from where?????
Sister: Virginiaaaaaaa...
Me: I don't think I have a friend from Virginia... 
Sister P: Oooppsss, awkward.. lol well you have a friend from there now. What did he say??? 

So yup, it's funny how I get a letter or email from someone I don't know. And it's cool to get a letter from people I just met here too. I love being a missionary cuz everybody encourage you to become better each day! 

2. While walking...
Sister P: Hey we've been hearing reggae music. What's going on? Is today a reggae world?
Me: Oh yeah..we heard a lot today! hmnnn.. I don't know.. 
.....A car passed by playing some reggae music....
Sister P: See!!!?? There goes the reggae again.
....A man in the car looked at us and yelled, "You are beautiful!!!!" 
Sister P: Thanks! You wanna learn about Jesus?????!! 

hahaha.. my companion is really funny! We both like reggae so we enjoyed that day! A family took us to SLICE, an Italian restaurant and they played another reggae. haha

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