Friday, January 2, 2015

22 Dec. 2014- Keep Christ in Christmas and be Joyful

I'm really excited this week! First, it's Christmas and I JUST LOVE it! I really hope we'll have a white Christmas! Second I'll get to skype with my family and I'm really looking forward to that! :))))))

How are y'all? Last week was a pretty good week! We did great in reactivating less active members and yesterday most of our investigators and less actives went to church. It was all good. We were so happy to see them there and plus we felt loved cuz most of them actually came to see us sing in the choir. They're awesome!

Some of our challenges last week were finding some investigators and less actives in their homes, headaches, gloomy weather and not having enough time to plan well. I learning to be more humble every day. Yesterday, my companion were very moody and didn't want to talk and I was annoyed for a bit but then I tried to understand her. I just didn't know how to approach sometimes, that's one thing I need to learn. But yeah both of us are trying ourselves to become a bigger person by being humble and understanding.

I'm grateful to have a nice and caring companion. Last Wednesday & Thursday were pretty CRAZYYYY. I had a pretty bad headache on Wednesday but still went to visit less actives with some ward members. We went Caroling that night and when we went home, my eyes were swollen. I freaked out (it's funny) when I saw myself in the mirror cuz I never had that before. So we believed I had an allergic reaction to something. On Thursday morning, it got worse and my companion called the nurse so yup I was advised to stay indoors the whole day. I was so bored cuz all I did was to put ice packs on my eyes and stay in bed. A lot of members called us and brought some food and medicines. There are a lot of great people here! I feel loved every day especially this month. We got tons of gifts from different members in the wards we're serving in. They're awesome!

I'm thankful to be able to feel the Savior's love for me every day. I'm grateful for this special season when we commemorate His birth and His love for us. The greatest thing we can give this Christmas is Christlike LOVE by cultivating the principle of kindness and gratitude to the Lord and to those around us. As we do this, the Christmas spirit will be ours. There's always reason to rejoice and one great reason is because we have a merciful Heavenly Father who have a great Plan of Happiness for us (Alma 26:35). 

We are so blessed to have known His great plan. As we strive to share that to everyone we meet, we will surely be blessed and be able to bless the lives of others as well.

Thank you all for all your letters and cards. I enjoyed reading all of them! Love y'all! I hope you have a MERRYYYYYYYY CHRISTMASSSSSS! Enjoy your time with your families and loved ones! :)

Sister Taguba

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