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15 Dec. 2014 - "Come let us adore Him"

Aloha Family and Friends!

Last week was awesome! I had a chance to go to the temple with my District, our Zone leaders and our  AP's. It was my first time in the Twin Falls Temple and I had an amazing experience there. The Spirit was really strong. I was really excited since we only get to come every after three months in the mission. I live so close to the temple yet I can't come in there often so I'm grateful for that experience.

Last Thursday, we had a Christmas Conference. It's when all the missionaries in Twin Falls gather together and have devotional, talent shows and Christmas get together. I was a little bit overwhelmed since I haven't met 3/4 of those missionaries till that day. But I was happy to get to know some of them. One of the Area Seventy, Elder Allan, came and spoke at our devotional. During our dinner, he came up to me and asked about my the recent typhoon and how my family is doing. I replied that my family's doing great and my area wasn't hit by the typhoon. He smiled and we talked for a while. It was good to speak with him. It's always great to talk to a servant of the Lord. That day, I sang Silent Night in Tagalog with a Filipina missionary. Her family moved to Texas a few years ago so she can still speak Tagalog fluently. My companion and a Tongan sister sang Silent Night in Tongan as well. A lot of people liked it so I think it went good. ;)

I love being a missionary. Yesterday, I read a talk about "Becoming a Consecrated Missionary" by Elder Callister of the Seventy and it helped me to know more about myself and my work. These past few days, I was evaluating myself and I learned that sometimes I would work or act nice because I feel I just "have to" and that's a "no, no" according to the article. I learned that becoming a consecrated missionary is your willingness to "change your nature" not just changing your behavior. In order to be successful I have to like what I do each day. And slowly but surely I'm getting at that point.

I had exchanges with Sister Bigelow, our sister training leader and my companion's trainer, last week and it was awesome! I had fun and I learned a lot from her. I led the area and at first I was pretty nervous but her encouragement and her trust in me made me do the work confidently. She complimented me for being great at the end of the day and I was humbled by that experience. 

Our areas are doing great. We make sure to challenge members to share their testimonies to their non member friends. And some of them asked some pass along "He is the Gift" cards from us to give them to their neighbors who are not of our faith. It was awesome to see them work through our encouragement. Building a great relationship with the members in both of the wards we are serving is an amazing opportunity for me and my companion. I love working in Twin Falls North. We also got new investigators and we're gonna start contacting and teaching them this week.

I love that the Lord loves me of who I am and that he understands my struggles and weaknesses every single day but He knows my effo

rts and I know that He loves me for that. I'm grateful for the Savior. I know the He's always standing beside every missionary (full time or even members) when they share the gospel to other people. We should not fear to stand up and share what we believe to be true (Isaiah 41:13).

Thanks for everything you do!Love you all! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! :)

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