Sunday, November 30, 2014

Transfer week, I am staying!

Aloha everyone!

It's transfer week and we found out that me and my companion are both staying in Twin Falls North Zone! We thought they'd transfer one of us since our district leader were very tricky when they called us. It was funny! But we're glad we're staying together for the holidays. We're losing some of elders and sisters in our zone but we're excited to meet the new ones. It's been a month since I got here. The first day I got here, I was like.."ughh time goes by so slow" but actually time flies by so fast. I felt like I just got here yesterday.:p

We had a good week! We went on splits this week with the 15th ward sisters and we met with some less actives and part member families. Some of them were just very busy and have work on Sundays that's why they couldn't come to church. But they were really nice. We will never give up on them. Hopefully they'll come to church someday.

Last week, we went to the Bridge view, a home for special and disabled people and met a very sweet lady. She was a referral from a member. She said she wanted to have discussions with us. It was really nice to meet with her. I was touched by her determination to know more about Jesus Christ though it was hard for her to speak. 

We also met with an old man. He's kinda less active. He had a desire to get sealed with his wives in the temple but had a hard time forgiving himself of his past mistakes. I was surprised when he told me his life story. He's such a nice man. We talked about the atonement and how he should allow himself to be healed. We also talked about the importance of preparing oneself to enter the house of the Lord. We are still planning on some ways to help this man.

Thanksgiving is coming up! We got invitations from many members. I think we got invited by less than 10 families. We're excited for this day because we're just gonna member hop and aren't gonna proselyte. My companion and I planned to eat at just one house and mingle with the members at some houses. I hope it'll work out. haha 

For our companionship, we are doing well. We made a goal to always be open with each other. Our companionship study every morning helped us a lot to learn from each other and work hard. We still tried riding our bikes though it was super cold but the blessing for that was a lot of members saw us in the streets and they offered us rides back home. I feel that I work so hard when I usually ride my bike and it's a good workout too. haha we were really busy last week. every night we would be like "ohh my back hurts" or my companion would say "i need a kyra practor." :p

Slowly, I'm adjusting to the weather and the way of life here in Idaho. I love looking at those wide fields we pass by every day because they remind me of my home town. I miss home but I know I am blessed to serve in Twin. People here, though most of them are rich, are very humble. 

Serving a mission is tough and sometimes I feel like I want to quit. But I know great blessings will come by serving the Lord. One of the blessings that I got was that my grandma (a very devoted Catholic) is now taking missionary discussions and came to church last Sunday, according to my sister and brother. Awesome right!!?? Before I left on my mission, I was hoping that she'd take discussions and be baptized. The Lord heard my prayers. 

I meet challenges everyday but with the help of the Lord I can overcome them move forward. I am grateful for the blessings I receive each day. I am grateful for the people here in Twin because though I came from a different culture, I feel belonged. 

Funny moments from last week:

- In one of our dinner appointments, I was asked to give a prayer in my native tongue. I was excited then.. surprisingly, I couldn't find the rights words to say in Tagalog. I was soo embarassed and conscious of my grammar in Tagalog then I thought they couldn't even understand what I was saying. haha.. I'd pray so much in English that I think I'm losing some Tagalog words..

- Elderly people like to share their stories and that they talk soooo long. In one of our appointments, I was half asleep while listening to one of the less actives, who talked for like an hour long. It was embarassing cuz my companion noticed it and just laughed. haha

Thank you so much for all your love and support! Love ya all! Have a great week folks!

Sister Taguba

Think to thank!

Aloha Everyone!

So...The winter cold has come! It snowed last week!!! I enjoyed watching big snowflakes that looked like silver butterflies, falling from the sky! It was funny cuz the members here were worried about me and my companion. We got lots of text offering us a ride! Loved it! One day, my companion told me that we should try biking and then.... you probably know what happened to us next. :p We didn't make a good decision to ride our bikes on snow! It was fun though. 

The gloomy days and the cold weather never stopped us to walk and work hard last week! 
We've got some referrals and contacted them as soon as we got them. We've met one of them and she was really nice. We set another appointment and will start teaching lessons this week. Yesterday, we got another referral and we were told that she wanted us to teach her already. I love how the Lord keeps us busy every day. :)

My week has been great so far! Both of the wards we are serving have been good in supporting and helping us reach out to less active members, recent converts and our investigators. We did some services for members and one of them was helping a member's kids to build snowman. (picture attached: snow missionaries) (oh well that was just for fun), we actually helped the mom make some sponges/scrubbies. We also helped a member make some costumes for kids. It was so much fun!

Aside from strengthening less active and recent converts and finding investigators, we are also making sure to help members share the gospel. We started doing a little activity with the members we had dinner with. We asked them what they were grateful for. They were touched by what their children said and remembered how blessed they are having the gospel in their lives. They were very thankful for the activity. 

We also tried making goals each week so we can strengthen our companionship and help each other grow more spiritually.

I know that as we strive to live the gospel, we will be able to feel the enabling power of the atonement. I know that Jesus lives and that He loves us. I would like to end my email with a quote from President Monson: "'Thank You' frequently expressed will cheer your spirit, broaden your friendships and lift your lives to a higher pathway as you journey towards perfection." 

I have so many things to be thankful for! Here are a few of them: I am grateful for the gospel in my life. I am grateful for my family for their support and for their love for me. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve in Twin Falls. People here are just amazing! I am grateful for my nice companion. I am grateful for Jesus' atonement and for Heavenly Father's tender mercy and love for me. I am grateful for the Holy Ghost in my life. I am grateful for all of you. 

Funny moments from last week: 

We had splits last Saturday and because of miscommunication, I was left alone in the house we were staying at for like 15 minutes. The family who owned the house went to watch football at BYU so no one was there when I got dropped off. I thought my companion was waiting for me in the house but she wasn't so yup It was a long story and i felt really weird. 

We couldn't run around the temple anymore since it was just super cold outside so we tried doing kickboxing. hahaha we're trying to exercise as much as possible since we get fed a lot! :p

Love you all! Hope everything is going well for all of you!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Sister Taguba

Forever grateful!


My last week was pretty good and challenging. I've been here for almost a month now and I think I'm getting used to biking on streets at night time. It was hard to bike at past 6 pm here but it was a fun experience. I feel like I already memorized most of the songs in the hymn book since I've been singing them every night while riding my bike. I feel protected and calm every time I sing LDS songs. 

We had our New Missionary Training last Wednesday. It went well. We got to talk and tell our concerns to our mission president. I was strengthened by the topics and the testimonies shared by my mission president and other missionaries.

We also had exchanges on Friday and I went with Sister Davidson. We covered the college ward and the 6th ward. I had fun! I love Sister Davidson. I learned many things from her. And plus she has a car so I loved it! I learned how to teach the gospel simply. That day I prayed sooo much. It was awesome! I also met Filipinas from the 6th ward and other wards. They came to see me at a member's house. I was super excited to speak in Tagalog with them. haha And yeah I also met people here who served their missions in the Philippines. They said they love Filipinos. They're awesome!

I am very thankful for the constant power of the Holy Ghost to inspire me and help me develop Christlike attributes. I always witness how the Savior pours his blessings upon missionaries by sending them the Holy Ghost to guide them in their every teaching appointment. Yesterday, we got to teach Amiah, my first investigator. Just a quick introduction for Amiah: We committed her to get baptized on our first discussion and she said "yes" and last week we set a baptismal date for her. She's gonna get baptized on the 26th of this month (yay!!). Her parents are both less actives but when they found out that Amiah was ready to get baptized, they were surprised and was very happy for her. Her grandma exclaimed that Amiah has just been waiting for a Filipina and Tongan to teach her. This young woman has been thinking about getting baptized for many years but rejected past missionary discussions and told them she wasn't ready. She attended church with her mom yesterday and she stayed for 3 hours. Love it!

So yesterday, I was not informed by my companion to teach Amiah the first few commandments (obedience, prayer, following the prophet, tithing, fasting, word of wisdom, keeping the Sabath day Holy and the law of chastity). And so I wasn't able to study before our discussion. To my surprise I was frustrated that I was not told about the lesson and that I relied on my own knowledge to tell and testify to Amiah the things I know about these commandments. I felt the Spirit telling me that Amiah still needs to know the correct steps to pray. But because I was frustrated and that we didn't plan on our lesson, I didn't talk about it. So I let my companion talk about prayer. After our discussion, I told my companion the feelings I had. Last night, while watching the District, I felt that I needed to talk to Sister Pahahau and tell her that I was not happy on what I felt during our discussion. She said we discussed about it before but I told her I was pretty sure she didn't tell me about our meeting with Amiah and that she's done that a few times. So I felt lost on some discussions. We talked and learned from each other. Hopefully we'll be able to work that out.

I know that though I didn't act on the promptings of the Spirit yesterday, the Savior still loves me and that He is always willing to send the Holy Ghost to help me even though at that moment, I wasn't prepared or that I wasn't able to read the lessons. I was humbled to ask for forgiveness to my companion on the way I acted and also to understand and forgive her in her weaknesses. I love my companion and that I am learning a lot from the mission field. I know that Amiah and other investigators I will meet in the future are precious souls in God's kingdom and that Heavenly Father loves them. I know that I need to focus on them and not be frustrated because of simple misunderstandings or simple mistakes we make as companions. 

Fun things I did last week: Cooked for my companion when she was sick. She liked what I made for her. :) We talked on having a "Luao" here to strengthen members, recent converts and less actives and to get investigators to know about the gospel. We planned on encouraging ward members and our zone to participate. Not sure yet if it will happen since they never did it before. Planning about having a Luao made me MISS HAWAII! :) Scraped ice on Sister Davidson's car. It was fun! We were told that the temperature is gonna drop to 20 degrees this week. Lovely! Gotta get ready for that! I love the gospel! :)

Love you all! I am grateful for you all you. Pardon me if you can't understand my email. I am writing this as fast as I can. Hope everything is going well for all of you!

Sister Taguba