Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Oct 2,2014

I don't know how to start but I just want to say that I'm doing well. I finally arrived at the Provo MTC  2 days ago, Oct. 1st. Bro and sis. Cox (My friend's parents) dropped me off at 6 am in the morning. I arrived in Salt Lake City on Sept. 30th and stayed at a hotel for a night with bro. and sis Cox. 

I'm freezing here!!!! Super cold!!!!! BUt I got some more good winter coats from the MTC so I'll be fine I guess! haha
Funny experiences: My luggages arrived at the MTC before I did. Well this is the story behind that: I flew from Philippines to Nagoya Japan then to Detroit then finally to Salt Lake City (travelled more than 24 hours CRAZY huh). When I had to check out my baggages at the Salt Lake City airport, I found out that they still had them in DEtroit. We asked the travel officer to mail it to the MTC as soon as they got them. So Bro and Sis. Cox took me to Walmart and brought some clothes for me. Ughhh I was really lucky to have them!!! :)
Spiritual experience: The MTC is a very wonderful place! I feel great to be here! Full of very spiritual young men and young women, I'd say. When I arrived on Wednesday, they asked me to go to class immediately and did English language exam. So if you're a new missionary here at the MTC they put an orange dot on your name tag. I like it cuz when missionaries see us, they'll say "Welcome to the MTC" lol I took it off yesterday but I kinda wanna put it again on Wednesdays! haha

I also  got a  green dot on the first day ( this is for international students learning a new language) THey took off my green dot after testing my English. Because I can already speak English they put me in doctrine classes where I can have an actual demonstration of how to teach investigators. It's really hard! I thought I was ready to preach then when I came here, I found out I still have a little knowledge of the Church doctrines. We had some real non members came up and asked questions about the Church and our beliefs. Ughhh it's was tough but I survived!

One great experience I had was when we met with an investigator from Japan. He is now living in Utah with his wife. He questioned about the existence of God and according to him if God is a loving God then why does God allowed people to suffer and lose their love ones. He was referring to what happened in Japan when earthquake struck it. I couldn't believe he was really firm in his beliefs. Some elders answered his questions. I was touched when one elder stood up and courageously shared his experience when he lost his brother. Before we end the discussion, an elder asked all of us to kneel together and the investigator to pray. It was such an amazing experience for me. The Spirit was super strong.

Companion: My companion is Sister Seo (pronounced as "Saw"). Guess what? She also went to BYU Hawaii!!!!! haha We haven't met there but I thought I knew her before. lol She's really nice and is very patient with me (I'm not used to wearing my name tag yet so I often forget it. One time when I forgot my name tag, we have to walk all the way to our unit again to get it.) Companions should always be together so we should learn to be understanding and patient with each other. 

I met some Filipinos here. Two sisters and elders from the Philipinnes got called to serve in Hawaii.. Their names are Elder Manalo, Elder Valdez, Sister Camo and sister Soriao. They're really fun to be with. We were told not to speak our native language here so it was awkward at first for us to speak only English with each other. Haha 

So yeah, I only have five minutes more to email you guys! Thanks for all your support. I love you all! Missionary work is great. I am very grateful for the opportunity to serve the Lord. I know Jesus lives. :)

I'll email again next week again!

-Sister Taguba

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