Sunday, October 19, 2014

Aloha family and friends!!
It's been a week and 2 days now since I got here at the MTC! wOW! Can't believe I'm already leaving next week Tuesday and be in the real mission field! I'm soo excited to meet my mission president and his wife, my new companion and the people in Idaho! haha

 WE just had our in field orientation. It was a great activity. My companion was not feeling well so we were not able to attend some of the activities.But it was fine. My companion's health is more important. :)
Okay...I felt like i've been here at the MTC for forever. haha I'm learning so much. I love my MTC instructors, Bro. Gardner and sister Matthews, They just got back from their missions like 2-3 years ago. They're awesome! So our instructors here act us our investigators and haha they're super nice to me and my companion. WE consider them as our golden investigators. haha
WE had TRC this week where we get to meet real or acting investigators and share with them the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our investigator was supposed to be sister Lawanna. She's going through chemotherapy so we didn't get to meet with her. Two days ago I was prompted to write her a letter. I told my companion, Sis. Seo, that our investigator needs words of comfort and encouragement. We were not able to teach her but we hope she gets our letter. Last night though, we taught our instructor, Bro. Gardner. haha He's really funny. The class loves him. He loves the word "awesome" so we tease him every class.
How are you? How was the conference??? I love General conference. Especially Elder Bednar's talk. It's one of my favorites. It's because his talk was not only for us, members and missionaries, but specifically it was for non members. He said that our desire to share the gospel is based on how important the gospel is for us. We already know the truth we should help our friends or families who haven't received yet the gospel I know we have all the responsibility to share the joy we had already experienced. Let our non member friends know about how they can have a better lives as they live the gospel of Jesus Christ.
We also had two devotionals this week, Sunday and Tuesday! Ahhhh, I loved it. Brother Vai Sikahema was the speaker on Sunday. He's a Tongan but grew up in Arizona. Sometimes I fall asleep during devotionals but I was awake the whole time when this man spoke. He shared many experiences of him sharing the gospel to everyone. He said we should not be afraid to open our mouth. We have many opportunities to share and serve. ALL we need to do is open our mouth. It was a very powerful talk.
Last Tuesday, Elder Brent Nielson of the Seventy was our speaker. He shared what he learned on his mission. He gave us 10 points to remember while on the mission field. Two of those points are very important to me. 1. Your companion is on your team. Before I applied for my mission, this was maybe one of my worries. I had RM friends who said that they had bad companions and this made their missions miserable. Learning from elder Nielson, I learned that I should embrace my companion and our differences. Here at the MTC, I learned to be patient and be humble. I'm glad Elder Nielson brought this up. 2. We must treasure up D&C 84:85 as missionaries, we teach people not lessons. I experienced this many times. Before I came here, I studied the Preach My Gospel and I thought I knew many things and ready to teach. When I taught my first investigator, I forgot what I memorized. And I felt that the Spirit taught me what to say. I learned that I need to listen to people and know their needs. IT's the Spirit of the LOrd that teaches our investigators. I am just an instrument of the LOrd to invite people, commit them to follow Jesus Christ and follow up with them. 

Today I also got a chance to go to Salt Lake City Temple. They give international missionaries here a tour to Salt Lake Temple before they leave. Ahhhh I loved this temple so much. It's my favorite! the Spirit was super strong. Dream come true! :)

For my non member friends who are getting this email. I want you to know that I love you. Heavenly Father loves you. IF you haven't met yet with the missionaries, let them share the message with you. Look for them around. I promise it will change your lives.
THank you for all your letters and emails.  I love reading them!! I'm sorry if I didn't get to reply to all of you but I'll find a time next week.! SEnd me your addresses so I can write you letters too. :)
THis will be my new address next week.

LOve you all!
Sister Maria Visitacion Otero Taguba
Idaho Twin Falls Mission
421 Maurice St N
Twin Falls, ID 83301-4932

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